About us

Here at Be The One apparel we are representing a very small, elite few that have the 1% mentality.  The mentality to Be The One percent of the population that lives Fit, Ripped, or Shredded.  To Be The One percent that pursues the greater life.  To Be The One percent that seeks to be wealthy.  To Be The One percent that lives above mediocrity.  To Be The One that thrives in life.  To Be The One that stands out among the crowd.  This is a movement, an inspiration, motivation to create more an more people living and achieving the high life by reaching their full potential.  Be The One, join the movement, get your apparel and start representing your beliefs now!  

Apparel created by:

Daymond Sewall

Author of the book "The Shredded Executive" (amazon, kindle)

Owner of Phenomenal Fitness, Definition Fitness and Aesthetic Obsession

National Level Mens Physique Competitor

Host of ShredCast radio (Itunes, Stitcher)


Instagram @superherostrong